Really EXcellent and Really EXciting
A brand new large alt-azimuth mount
The Kokusai Kohki T-REX MOUNT
Carries large scopes up to a C11
Digital setting circle compatibity standard
Dual axis 4096 step encoders standard
Dual axis slow motion handles standard
Needs no balance weights
Hand made oversize dovetail plate lock bolts
Pleasing apperance and quality finish
Robust, and built to last
Dependable「MADE IN JAPAN」manufacture

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T-REX PDF assembly manual here (PDF)

Read a T-REX user report on Cloudy Nights

Sayonara T-REX...

With the sad passing back in October 2016 of Akita-san, Yuhan`s creator and builder of each and every hand made T-REX mount (and accessory), we now close a chapter on the production and sale of this very fine Japanese mounting. At this time, we are unable to accept any new orders for the mount, though a few remaining parts and accessories are available in very limited quantities. Please see here for a complete list of various accessories, and the bottom part of the price list below, for details,

Best wishes to all of our T-REX customers worldwide, who are now owners of an heirloom piece of astronomy equipment.

Barry Gooley, Akihito Matsumoto and our friends at Yuhan


We had a quick peek with the T Tex with a friend's Megrez 88/ Ethos 13. Beautiful ! Soft mechanism easy to set up and use : steady too ; our.....TSA 102 (will be) no problem for the T Rex. We enjoy the Japanese quality of workcraft, simplicity and so easy to use.We are very happy of our choice , and perhaps a day near Kyoto, we'll can tell you directly
JO & JP-France

Two trips, one for the mount and tripod in the very nice and convenient bag, and one for the 80mm scope and some eypieces. Assembled, what a beautiful sight. Alignment was as simple as it gets and as hoped, M57 (very faint) was almost in the center of my 7mm Pentax XL (perfect eyepiece). I went through a dozen targets (doubles stars, open and glob. clusters)which were always close to the center of the eyepiece, and went then to Saturn viewing it for quite some time with my 3-6 Nagler zoom with 50° apparent field. Tracking was such an effortless delight. I really did forget about the mount and enjoyed observing. For me, a new experience. Observing, especially if there is not to much time, becomes so easy. The T-Rex does in practise what it promises by just looking at it.
Now I am really looking forward in using it with a bigger scope.

The T-Mount arrived today in perfect condition. It is a beautiful piece of work. The mount attached without any problem to my modified tripod, and the entire set-up is rock steady. (Owners of the) 2-inch tubular steel leg tripod from a Celestron CG-class mount with the original 10mm mating rod, can simply drill out the mounting hole to a 12mm (thread) and (replace with) the larger 12mm tip bolt you sent me, to fit perfectly.

As far as Alt-Az mounts goes, it clearly leads the pack.!!! A really top-notch job!

I was thrilled - there was nothing whatever to not like about the way the mount performed. It ceases to be an object of concern when observing....... Once you get used to it -which doesn't take long - it just simply disappears and a person can concentrate on observing.

Mount arrived yesterday-that was fast! Beautiful, too.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments - BG :-)

T-REX and FS-128

T-MOUNT and TSA-120

We have lost our supplier of the GMT-128 (aka EQ-6) metal tripod that we supplied with the T-REX, and can no supply the T-REX with the GMT-128 tripod, as shown below in various photos. We can still fill orders for the T-REX alt-azimuth head and T-REX with a Vixen HAL 110 tripod, however. Our plan is to create our own tripod, but this project is still on the drawing boards, and it will be some time before we would be able to offer this new item. Sorry for this sad news - BG

In mid January, Kokusai Kohki`s T-REX group leader Akihito Matsumoto took the T-REX out for a winter sky cruise to a popular observing spot in the mountains of Mie Prefecture, about a 3 hour drive south of our shop located in Japan`s ancient capital city of Kyoto.
Starting out with just the few members of his own group of friends, the T-REX was soon surrounded by ever increasing numbers of observers intrigued by this new large body alt-azimuth mount.
As often happens in this cloudy country, the leaden winter sky that night did not let T-REX unleash its full performance. Still, Matsumoto was fortunate in getting to hear first hand the valuable comments, opinions and advice of so many deep sky observers regarding our new alt-azimuth mount. Thanks to one and all for your support! And who knows when a T-REX will drop by at an upcoming star party near you!

What is the T-REX?

Over the years we have been asked by innumerable customers to provide a large body alt-azimuth mount designed to be capable of carrying large aperture telescopes. In response, we have done our own worldwide search for an acceptable solution, buying and trying out various mounts over the years, testing them to see how well they might meet our customers` rather high expectations. Though we`ve seen some novel mounts, after all those years of searching, we could not really declare any as "The One". Not until the T-REX, that is.

From left to right: The old "T-MOUNT" father to the T-REX, a black T-REX alt azimuth mount on a GMT-128 (Synta EQ-6) steel tripod, with a DSC holder tray on the side, and a white T-REX mount, also on a GMT-128 tripod, with our own "Super Navigator" digital setting circle (DSC) readout module resting on its tray. The T-REX is available for attachment to the SX-HAL-130 on a special order basis.

Based on the basic "T-MOUNT" alt-azimuth, made by our friends at Yuhan in nearby Maizuru City, the T-REX is the result of a collaboration between Kokusai Kohki and Yuhan that brings together the many good points of the rugged T-MOUNT with the addition of new features based on user preferences gleaned from over 22 years of activity in the astronomy equipment market. T-REX updates the strong base of a T-MOUNT with the added features of full DSC compatibility, a rugged but low cost tripod, and easy attachment of all manner of OTAs.

As for the name, we based the T-REX name not on the dinosaur, but as an abbreviation that encompasses the meaning of a T shaped mount that is Really EXciting and Really EXcellent.

The T-REX is fully compatible with digital setting circles such as our own (optional) Super Navigator readout module, the JMI NGC-MAX, the Sky Commander and the Argo Navis. 4096 step encoders (angle position sensors) safely mounted internally on each axis are standard equipment. Dual slow motion controls with oversize easy grip handles, and clamps that can lightly clutch or tightly lock down each axis, are also standard. (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

Moving on from the old T-MOUNT, the T-REX brings the user a much higher level of functionality as a smart, as well as a strong, precise and well made mounting that easily supports your various telescopes. Factory pricing of 128,000 yen includes basically everything necessary to begin observing from the day of arrival.

With the addition of your own (or an optional) digital setting circle readout module that plugs directly into the encoder jacks provided with your T-REX, precise dialing in of thousands of objects from its database is at your fingertips.

Slow motion controls on each axis allow the user to pan the telescope`s field of view with precison and control, and without shaking the telescope (no more overshooting and then sweating to regain a painstakingly acquired object).

For longer sweeps of the sky, a quick release of the clamp handles on each axis lets you move your telescope freely by hand to any point in the sky, as all the while the DSC is keeping track of where your telescope is pointing.

The T-REX mount in white, carrying a 13cm F6.15 ED apo refractor. A Super Navigator DSC readout module is side mounted on its own carry tray (trex-sh). (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

And the T-REX mount in black, carrying a 90mm F6.7 apo refractor. A Super Navigator DSC readout module is mounted on the side of the mount, on its own carry tray (trex-sh). (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

Good news for large telescopes users!

The birth of the T-REX mount is great news to users of larger aperature telescopes looking to enjoy them on a strong but intuitive, easy to use and uncomplicated alt-azimuth mounting. In addition to complete DSC compatibilty, the T-REX supports your larger telescope without the necessity of a bulky, heavy counterweight (though, based on customer requests, we do intend to offer counterweights and weight shafts as an option to meet the specific needs of users in the future).

Additionally, very smooth dual axis 360 degree slow motion gears controlled by long and easy to grip aluminum handles, built in and well protected internal encoders, a Vixen dovetail plate compatible saddle plate, a high profile "pier" body design that helps raise your telescope`s focuser to a comfortable viewing height, two colors to choose from, and a strong but low cost stainless steel tripod, are all crowned by the attractive price of the T-REX.

The T-REX alt azimuth mount (though not necessarily the tripod, perhaps) is all Made in Japan and designed for a long working life of graceful, maintenance free dependability. The Made in Japan designation also means that your T-REX is of precision manufacture, with great attention to detail paid throughout.

Enhanced DSC object acquisition accuracy is an added benefit of precision manufacturing. Coupled with accurate placement of DSC initialization marks at 0 degrees and 90 degrees on the altitude axis, this means spending more time finding and observing objects, not searching for them.

Your versatile T-REX is the perfect visual observing platform for your refractors, reflectors, SCTs and most any small to larger aperture telescope. And telescopes attachment to the T-REX, and next balance adjustment, is easy and fast, via the mount`s now nearly universal Vixen dovetail plate compatible saddle plate.

The T-REX is available in either white or black at the same price. For a T-REX with tripod order, unless otherwise requested, a tripod that matches the customer specified T-REX color is included with your mount.(Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

Choose your color!

To match the color of your telescope, or your mood, choose your T-REX complete set in either black or white. For a standard model T-REX in black, choose "T-REX-01". For a white T-REX, choose model number "T-REX-02". Unless otherwise specified by the customer, we include a color matched GMT-128 tripod with your T-REX order.

T-REX mount in white, carrying a Vixen R200SS 20cm/F4 reflector telescope. (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

The T-REX smoothly balances a 28cm aperature C-11 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope without balance weights. Incorporating special aluminim alloy #A2017 where extra strength or rigidity is required, along with another, less rigid aluminum alloy at specific points in the design, gives the T-REX the power to carry larger telescopes with robustness, while also allowing quick dampening times. This combination of somewhat opposing capabilites lets T-REX support large telescopes with surprising agility, ease and steadiness.(Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

Just how large is large?

The T-REX is a strong mount designed for a large payload but just how large is large?, one might ask. While it is possible to overwhelm the T-REX with a huge tube assembly that would ride unsteadily, we like to think that users really are looking for a maximum payload capacity that is also fun to use. With this in mind, we rate the T-REX as being fully able to competently carry up to a Celestron C-11 SCT, a 6" F8 achromat refractor, or a 20cm F5 to F6 reflector, with ease.

The T-REX is now out in the field carrying heavier scopes like 6 inch F8 ED apochromats, a number of C-11s, and even a 10 inch reflector. As a rule of thumb reference, we feel the T-REX can competently support up to about a16Kg (35lb) payload.

The T-REX saddle plate

As standard equipment, the T-REX uses a Vixen dovetail plate compatible saddle plate on the altitude axis for telescope attachment. Two large handled lock bolts specially made for the T-REX securely and attractively lock down on the dovetail plate attached to the telescope`s tube (see price list below for low cost long and short length dovetail plates). At the discretion of the user, this saddle plate can be attached to the T-REX`s altitude axis in either of two different directions, depending on how the user wishes to point their telescope in actual operation.

The T-REX saddle plate attachment holes are Takahashi standard M8 (8mm) holes spaced on 35mm centers, making the T-REX compatible as-is with saddle plate of other makers, such at the Losmandy G-11 SPT saddle plate for TAK.

Special purpose saddle plates can also be made to order for T-REX users wishing a different method of telescope attachment.

A strong Vixen dovetail plate compatible saddle plate is standard on the T-REX. The user can easily change the orientation of this saddle plate as your observing program or equipment dictate. Special hand made lock bolts secure the telescope`s (optional) dovetail plate to the saddle. The M8 hole pattern of the altitude axis, drilled on 35mm centers, also allows for easy attachment of other makers` saddle plates, such as the Losmandy G-11 SPT.(Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

The saddle plate attachment holes on the T-REX altitude axis use the Takahashi (TAK) standard configuration M8 (8mm) holes drilled on 35mm centers (hole separation), in either of two directions. Takahashi plates, the TAK specific G-11 SPT saddle plate by Losmandy, and others matching the TAK configuration should easily attach to your T-REX.

Lock bolts secure the dovetail plate

Two special hand made saddle plate lock bolts that secure the telescope`s dovetail plate to the T-REX saddle are standard accessories of the T-REX. The large surface area of the heads of these bolts provide plenty of grip to tightly secure your precious telescope to the mount without tools.

Oversized large handled special new style lock bolts for the T-REX saddle plate securely lock down the telescope`s dovetail plate.

Using the T-REX

The T-REX in use is simplicity itself, with a design that is virtually free of any need for maintenance or adjustment. The T-REX mount attaches to (and releases from) the GMT-128 tripod (or SX-HAL-130 tripod) with just one hand tightenable lock bolt. Any telescope with a Vixen compatible dovetail plate easily mates to the T-REX`s saddle plate, locking in place by tightening two hand bolts. Take a quick moment to balance your telescope in the altitude axis, then begin observing!

Slightly tightening the clamp handles of either (or both) axis will compensate for small balance variations, and allow the slow motion gears to clutch, and the slow motion controls to work. As needed, a hard twist of the clamp will firmly lock that axis down tight.

Plug your (optional) digital setting circle readout module into the altitude and azimuth encoder jacks on the side of the T-REX body, initialize it on start up taking advantage of the initialization markers (see below) , and your DSC is then good to go. 4096 step encoders are direct coupled for a 1:1 gear ratio (T-REX`s encoder parameters are (azimuth) AZ -04096 and (altitude) AL+04096. This simple data input is all that is needed for your readout module to accurately find objects) .

For most observing sessions, using the T-REX clamp handle in a 1/8 to 1/4 clamped position keeps a slight and ideal tension on the axis, allowing the slow motion controls to work as well. If needed, a strong twist of the clamp handle will firmly lock that axis. (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

The tension applied to each axis of the T-REX as it rotates is controlled by a clamp handle on each axis. As conditions require, leave it completely unclamped for fast manual slewing, or cinch the clamp down tightly to firmly lock that axis in a set position. With each axis 1/8 to 1/4 clamped, the slow motion controls can then engage to apply precise and smooth panning during medium and high magnification observing sessions. Gear tension is factory adjusted to provide handles that rotate smoothly under most all conditions, but can also be adjusted to provide slightly more or less tension by the user after delivery.

Large slow motion control handles on each axis allow for smooth 360 degree dual axis panning, a major benefit, and a big relief, for medium and high power observations. (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

Designing the T-REX

One of the most important considerations in the design of the T-REX, in addition to overall rigidity, was maintaining strict perpendicular precision between the altitude and azimuth axis. The T-REX design offsets the altitude axis from the azimuth axis, with the telescope cantilevering over the side of the mount (and tripod) during use. This allows for a comfortable viewing position at the focuser but also demands great rigidity of all supporting systems to keep the azimuth axis perpendicular and without sag. And all without the use of counterweights anywhere in the system.

The T-REX design supports this somewhat extreme requirement with gusto, and without backlash or horizontal sag, a factor critical to maintaining DSC pointing accuracy, especially when using a larger, longer focal length telescope.

Though we have yet to actually ascertain a limit of the size of telescope that T-REX can handle, there will surely be requests for very heavy tubes (or very long tubes of great moment) that exceed the anti-sag capabilities of the standard T-REX design. For these power users, in the future, we plan to offer a conterbalance system on a special order basis that can help.

And for long optical tubes that might hit tripod legs when pointing toward the zenith, in future we also plan on offering tripod pier extenders, or even complete pier tripods, that raise the height of the T-REX to accomodate them.

Easily installed and easily removed, 55cm long flexible extension cables allow slow motion control of the T-REX at a distance closer to the eyepiece of longer telescopes.

Slow motion flexible extension cable

For longer telescopes, trying to reach slow motion handles positioned far from the focuser can be awkward. For this reason, we offer a 55cm medium length flexible extension cable for the T-REX mount that let you access slow motion control without having to stretch. Extension cables are easily and quickly installed and removed, replacing the slow motion handles in use. Release a single set screw on the slow motion handle to remove it, slip the extension cable adapter over the newly revealed shaft, retighten a single set screw and you`re done.

The Super Navigator and T-REX

The T-REX was designed from the beginning for complete compatibility with our digital setting circle reasdout module called the Super Navigator. T-REX encoders are also compatible with the Super Navigator DSC readout modules and its cousins from JMI, Lumicon and Televue. The T-REX also supports the Sky Commander and the Argo Navis readouts, using the same CAON encoder cable provided with your T-REX. The optional trex-sh holder tray holds the Super Navigator readout, and its compatibles, at a comfortable height. the tray also swivels up and down for easier reading of the display depending on your telescope. A holder tray specific to the Sky Commander, trex-sc, is also available for Sky Copmmander users. A holder tray for the Argo Navis, while ot currently available, would be a do-able near term project.

As mentioned above, perpendicularity of both axis to each other has a large effect on DSC pointing accuracy and the T-REX is built for strict adherence to this requirement.

High precision 4096 step encoders are protected inside the T-REX body, keeping them away from harm, weather, moisture, shocks and storage issues. Left is the azimuth axis, and altitude axis on the right.

Alos, as a point of interest, the T-REX encoder jacks are positioned to rotate along with the DSC readout unit, so that the user never has to worry about encoder cable tangles, or cables wrapping themselves around the T-REX pier as the telescope is rotated round and round over an observing session.

Position markers for accurate DSC initialization are standard and valuable features of the T-REX. For horizonal (AZ) initialization, use the 0 degree marker, and for vertical (AV), use the 90 degree mark. Next to the position markers, screws secure the slow motion gear box cover screws can be adjusted to loosening or tighten tension on the slow motion handles.

Engraved position markers for fast DSC initalization

For fast and accurate initialization of your digital setting circle readout module, position markers that indicate the 0 degree and 90 degree initialization positions (but not the numbers) are engraved onto the T-REX altitude axis. While this may seem a simple and inconsequential feature, having an accurately preset point of reference for initialization helps insure you will always quickly achieve the greatest pointing accuracy with your digital setting circle.

And factory set precision means not having to use a carpenters level or other tools to accurately determine for oneself where this valuable point of reference is located. With the use of these position markers, with the T-REX we have time and again performed an accurate 3 point initialization (AZ, or AV, plus two initializtion stars), chosen an object from the Super Navigator database and then pointed at and found that first object in less time than it takes to describe, easily under 30 seconds from power up.

The DSC readout module holder tray, made specifically for the T-REX, holds the readout module safely at just the right distance for easy view of the display. Resting on its attachment rod, the tray angle rotates freely in vertical to let you set the readout module`s face to just the right angle. A quick lock of the thumbscrew then holds this position. Undo the same thumbscrew and removing the entire tray, with its attachment rod, from the T-REX body, for transport and storage, is simple and fast. Oversize dual axis slow motion controls help dial in and center the object the readout module locates. (Note: saddle plate lock bolt model change effected)

The DSC readout module holder tray

While it is possible to attach your digital setting circle
readout module to your T-REX with velcro, we`ve designed a more elegant solution in the form of an optional T-REX specific holder tray that provides an attractive way to mount your DSC readout module, and position its face for easiest visibility. The tray can rotate freely as needed vertically, to allow the best view of the display. The readout module holder tray and the attached encoder cables always rotate in the same relation to the T-REX mount and encoder jacks, so there is never a problem with tangled or wrapped cables during dark of night observing sessions. Loosening a thumbscrew and then a giving a quick pull removes the holder tray from the T-REX body, for safety in transport and storage..

Tripods for your T-REX

The GMT-128 stainless steel tripod, made for us by Synta (also used with their EQ-6 mounts), provides a strong, stable and reliable, as well as economical base for the T-REX mount. The GMT-128 is one of the strongest, yet lightest, tripods in its class and will more than adequately support the T-REX with a large telescope payload.

A white or a black GMT-128 is supplied with the corresponding color of your T-REX. Customers are also free to request the other color if the same color as the mount is not your preference. The attachment bolt built into the GMT-128 tripod mates with the 12mm 1.75mm pitch threaded hole drilled into the base adapter of the T-REX , locking the alt-azimuth mount to the tripod with just one single hand bolt.

Adjusting the legs of the GMT-128 will place the T-REX`s center of balance from a low of about 96cm to as high as 149cm, putting the focuser of most telescopes within a comfortable range for relaxed observation. For users of lengthy telescopes, an optional pier extension is currently under consideration. Custom applications to meet your specific needs are also possible. In that event, please feel free to send me a note describing your situation and requirements.

The T-REX mount is offered as a complete set, with a GMT-128 tripod, for 138,000 yen. Optional accessories include a "Super Navigator" digital setting circle readout, the DSC holder tray, encoder cables and slow motion handle extension cables. For users who presently own a GMT-128 (EQ6) tripod, or prefer to purchase only the T-REX mount by itself, the T-REX alt-azimuth head is available without a tripod for 128,000 yen. The GMT-128 tripod by itself is priced at 36,000 yen.

Due to requests from many Japanese users, we also offer a made to order version Vixen SX-HAL-130 tripod compatible T-REX, at a slightly higher price than the GMT-128 standard set. For the SX-HAL-130 user, the Vixen specific T-REX base adapter mates perfectly with the bolt projecting form the top of the SX-HAL-130 tripod. The T-REX for SX-HAL-130 mates to the top of this tripod with no modification of the tripod in any way as it comes from Vixen.

As with the standard T-REX, you can also choose between a white or a black version of your SX-HAL-130 compatible T-REX head. Pricing is 134,000 yen for the T-REX alt-azimuth head, and the SX-HAL-130 tripod is an additional 25,200 yen (a T-REX with SX-HAL-130 tripod set price is not unavailable).

As both base adapter plates are of a differing configuration, please specify your desired tripod type at time of order.

T-REX mount to tripod attachment

For users who prefer to use their T-REX mount on a large tripod with a 3/8" attachment bolt, Kokusai Kohki offers an optional base adapter, called the "t-tripodAD" which replaces either the GMT-128 or SX-HAL-130 specific base adapters, and then mates to the 3/8" attachment bolt found on larger tripods.

The 3/8" threaded hole on the bottom of the above optional T-REX base adapter "t-tripodAD", mates with larger camera tripods. It easily replaces the standard tripod base adapter on the bottom of the T-REX body. Just ondo 3 bolts, replace the original base adapter with t-tripodAD, retighten and your T-REX is now camera tripod attachment ready.

Three bolts secure these base adapters to the bottom of the T-REX body, making switching back and forth between various base adapters simple, easy and fast.

Pier Extension tube for T-REX mount on GMT-128 tripod

A new pier extension tube raised the T-REX head an additional 20cm above the GMT-128 tripod, which is often a big benefit with refractors and any other long tuube telescope. Attachment and disassembnly is quick and simple, and the mount remains stable even at this new higher elevation. The pier extension is available in both white and black and matches the color of the tripod. All tools etc are included.

With the added height, medium length 55cm long flexible cables allow you to make fine adjustments by hand while peering thru an eyepiece that might be located far from the T-REX itself. In addition, new super long flexible handles of 113cm length, and of the same basic configuration, are also available for users of especially long refractor telescopes.

The pier extension tube adds 20cm height to the T-REX, a great benfit especially for refractor telescope users. Attachment is simple and quick and color accurately matches that of the tripod.

The pier extension tube is available in both black and white (sorry, sold out)

T-REX carry bag

The custom carry bag for the T-REX will contain the T-REX mount while still connected to either the GMT-128 tripod, or the SX-HAL-130 tripod. No need to break down your T-REX after use; just remove the OTA and place your T-REX into the carry bag, zip it up, put your DSC into the side pocket, and no more worries with transport or storage. A smaller bag holding the center plate of the GMT-128 is also provided, to keep it stable inside the bag during transport. And in addtion, a cushion to place between the 3 feet of the tripod, to keep them from contacting each other during transport, is also part of the carry bag set. The T-REX carry bag is priced at the low, low price of 6,800 yen and we heartily recommend one to keep your T-REX safe over the years. And make it easier to carry too.

Ordering your T-REX

Shipping costs for your T-REX altazimuth head, or T-REX with SX-HAL-130 tripod, are at cost, via fast EMS airmail. Customs duties etc upon arrival at the point of entry overseas are beyond our control and, as such, must remain the responsibility of the buyer.

Recommended payment method for your T-REX is via PayPal and our PayPal account is under my email address at: In lieu of shopping basket, please email me with your requests, questions and orders and I will send you a personal quote.

For inquiries deriving from area with a designated local dealer, please refer your questions regarding purchasing, deliveries etc, directly to the respective dealer.

A T-REX in your backyard!

The T-REX alt-azimuth mount is based on the advice and requests of many hundreds of observers gathered and remembered over many years. Though perhaps similar in usage to smaller alt-azimuth mounts, the much larger load capacity of the T-REX makes it the mount of choice where no smaller mount has gone before!

The T-REX is rugged, smooth, easy to assemble and transport. It is reliable, uncomplicated, extremely stable yet highly responsive. The T-REX is intuitive in its use and sure to provide you with a new dimension in observational fun! When the blues of weak alt-az mountings, and the complexities and weightiness of equatorial mounts gets you down, when the mad desire surfaces to take your large aperture telescope out on a fun and carefree midnight cruise, look to the T-REX for versatile and powerful alt-azimuth support!

Sayonara T-REX...

With the sad passing back in October 2016 of Akita-san, Yuhan`s creator and builder of each and every hand made T-REX mount (and accessory), we now close a chapter on the production and sale of this very fine Japanese mounting. At this time, we are unable to accept any new orders for the mount, though a few remaining parts and accessories are available in very limited quantities. Please see here for a complete list of various accessories, and the bottom part of the price list below, for details,

Best wishes to all of our T-REX customers worldwide, who are now owners of an heirloom piece of astronomy equipment.

Barry Gooley, Akihito Matsumoto and our friends at Yuhan

T-REX Price List
(Japan yen)
These items are still available in small quantites
Form fitted and rugged nylon carry bag for the T-REX, with inner puch for the EQ-6 tripod`s spreader plate/eyepiece holder, and outer pocket for your DSC or other accessories
6,800 yen
Guide Handle, for T-REX mount (bolts to T-REX alt axis)
4,800 yen
Extra T-REX cable to Super Navigator DSC readout curlie type encoder cable (This cable is also compatible with SkyCommander, Argo Navis, Nexus, Nexus-II and NEXUS-DSC)
5,250 yen
Vixen compatible short dovetail plate "S" / length 210mm (photo)
2,600 yen
Please also see here for more T-REX odds and ends at low, low prices
These items below are no longer available
BLACK T-REX alt-azimuth mount complete, with black GMT-128 tripod, dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders and cable, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
WHITE T-REX alt-azimuth mount complete, with GMT-128 (black) tripod, dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders and cable, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
BLACK T-REX alt-azimuth mount head only, for GMT-128 tripod * / no tripod, with dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders and cable, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
WHITE T-REX alt-azimuth mount head only, for GMT-128 tripod * / no tripod, with dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders and cable, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
BLACK T-REX alt-azimuth mount head only, with base for 3/8" attachment bolt * / no tripod, with dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders and cable, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
WHITE T-REX alt-azimuth mount head only, with base for 3/8" attachment bolt * / no tripod, with dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders and cable, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
BLACK T-REX alt-azimuth mount head only / no tripod, for VIXEN tripods*, with dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
WHITE T-REX alt-azimuth mount head only / no tripod, for VIXEN tripods*, with dual axis internally installed 4096 step encoders, hand made saddle plate lock bolts, dual slow motion controls
Not Available
T-REX extra long 55cm length flexible handle, for slow motion control extension (price is per handle)
Not Available

For T-REX inquries, please contact me here

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